February 2021

On Sentience

A new small book of Essays|Drawing by Peter Reason and Sarah Gillespie. What would it be like to live in a world of sentient beings rather than inert objects? How would we relate to such a world? And what, then, would art and creativity be like? This a world of communication and interaction of which... Read more »

12th September to 31st October 2020

Kestle Barton – solo exhibition

Happily, in spite of everything, MOTH has opened at Kestle Barton.  This solo showing of all the moth mezzotints opened in glorious sunshine last weekend and with the gardens still buzzing with insects on late flowers, a buzzard circling in a clear blue sky above our heads and a steady stream of lovely visitors, we... Read more »

July - December 2020


Bugs –Beauty & Danger at Groundwork Gallery in Kings Lynn has re-opened! In conjunction with insect charity Buglife, this fascinating survey takes in seven different international artists and considers our ambivalent relationship with insects and why that ambivalence may well be contributing to their appalling decline. I have 14 moth mezzotints in the show and I... Read more »

March, April, May, June......?

Corona virus update

Bugs beauty & danger at GROUNDWORK Gallery in Kings Lynn is closed while the general lockdown continues.  Gallery director, Veronica Sekules intends to extend the show until early September in the hope that there may at least be some weeks in the summer when this very special group exhibition can be opened to visitors. Moth – a... Read more »

April 2020


  About a year ago, the eminent poet Alice Oswald sent me a poem about a moth. I invited her and her husband Peter for tea in my studio and, in return for her extraordinary poem, gave them a mezzotint of a Poplar Hawk-moth. That might have been that… except that the conversation and the... Read more »

9th March 2020

60 X 60 Galerie Epreuve d’Artiste ANTWERP

Very happy to have been invited to make new work for this wonderful touring exhibition that opens in Antwerp next week.  Chris Verheyen and Zora Petrasova are the two curators behind this truly international venture that both celebrates their long friendship and seeks to promote the art of mezzotint engraving.  Sixty printmakers from all over... Read more »

13th March - 30th May


Very pleased to be showing 14 of my Moth mezzotints in BUGS Beauty & Danger at Groundwork Gallery in Kings Lynn. Groundwork is the UK’s leading gallery for art and the environment and true to form this exhibition will be both beautiful and deeply challenging.  BUGS Beauty & Danger addresses our complex relationships with some... Read more »

October 2019

On Presence

Delighted that my collaboration with the thinker and writer Peter Reason has had such a wonderful response from readers and gone into a second edition.  “This is a beautiful, thoughtful and important little book. The images and text weave together gracefully and the descriptions are simple yet profound. It’s a book to be returned to... Read more »

August 2019

The Arborealists

I am delighted to have been invited to join the Arborealists. The Arborealists were formed in 2013, the brain-child of curator and artist Tim Craven. They are in essence a group of artists who have given trees, forests and woods a special value and who have developed new perceptions of painting and language while painting... Read more »