U n d e r w i n g

I’m delighted to be presenting my second solo exhibition at Rabley Gallery.  The work of the last three years, UNDERWING continues my interest, lets call it an obsession,  in British moths.  Increasingly I find that of course they do not exist in isolation – that every being is only connected but in communication, with each other, with other species and with us…if only we will stop still and listen.  Also showing are larger scale drawings in both silverpoint and compressed charcoal.

Alongside my work, Meryl Ainslie is also showing her poetic silver moth pieces, inspired by our surveying of moths in the fields and woods of Rabley farm.

To view the catalogue for this exhibition, or to enquire about any of the pieces, directions or visiting times etc, please go to:

https://rableygallery.com/exhibitions/  or contact the gallery direct using info@rableygallery.com.



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