Charcoal and sepia ink on 650gsm Arches paper.  103cm X 153cm I’ve been working on this drawing all summer and now it is finally finished and off to the framers ready for the Beaux Arts show in October. The first spark of inspiration for the piece came from a walk down to Frenchman’s creek with... Read more »


                                                                                                             ... Read more »

Three more moths

March Moth, (left,)  December Moth, (right,) and Winter Moth, (below.) Three more moths from the ‘Seven Winter Moths’ suite of drawings.  All are 12″ x 8″ in charcoal, inks, pigment and watercolour on Aquari hand-made paper. Click on any image to enlarge for more clarity. If you have enjoyed looking at this blog, please consider... Read more »


Nothing is ever quite as perfect as it can seem at first glance.Although the latin name for Dragonflies is Odonata  their infraorder is Anisoptera which comes from the Greek meaning ‘uneven wings’. This is my second attempt at a dry-point of the same dragonfly. What attracts me most of all is indeed the play of... Read more »

Nothing Lasts

Nothing Lasts. Nothing is so delicate or so finely hinged as the wingsof the green mothagainst the lanternagainst its heatagainst the beak of the crowin the early morning. Yet the moth has trim, and feistiness, and not a dropof self-pity. Not in this world Mary Oliver(Proof of Magpie Moth etching on studio wall –  etching... Read more »

The finished print

“These things come unbidden”The finished print from my earlier post – Printmaking at  John Howards’ studio. I found this Hare at the side of the road, very early one morning in March.  Eye-bright and leaping but stone-dead. Taking her carefully home, I drew for days, strangely compelled to sit with her and try, despite knowing... Read more »

Sand Martin

Sand Martins are the smallest of the European hirondines.   Flying all the way from south of the African Sahara, this one made landfall in South Devon at the weekend but probably died of exhaustion after Sunday night’s storm. I was moved to tears as I drew, thinking that this tiny, weightless, and now lifeless... Read more »

Printmaking at John Howard’s studio in Penryn

This week I’ve been printmaking at John Howard’s print studio in Penryn.  Love it as I do, I don’t really think I’m a proper printmaker.  For me it is just a wonderful extension of my drawing practice, so I tend to stick to the labour intensive but direct methods of dry-point engraving and mezzotint, relishing the chance... Read more »

When we step outside…

“When we step outside and look up, we’re not little cogs in the capitalist machine.  It’s the simplest act of resistance and renewal.” Kathleen JamieGaurdian Review April 7th 2012 Kathleen Jamie’s  words are deceptively simple.  They may even seem naive.  But stay with them, act on them – they do subtle work.  They have stayed... Read more »

First bees are humming in the garden this week –  but news today of research from Stirling university into the devastating effect of one particular group of commonly used pesticides on the queens in particular, makes each one feel especially precious as it bumbles around in the delicate pink froth of the short-lived cherry blossom. Bizarrely I... Read more »