Hosomi Timelapse drawing

This is an experiment.  A small drawing in charcoal and watercolour photographed every twenty minutes or so throughout the process of drawing.  I’ve been reading a little book on Japanese aesthetics by Donald Richie and came across the term  Hosomi – an emotional delicacy, a determination to slight not even the most trivial, to understand... Read more »

Out of the wood

Snowdrops, and alder twigs in a Japanese tea cup.  The finished drawing I began on Ash Wednesday, a day that for various reasons always has me meditating on death and renewal.  It seemed more than appropriate – significant to work in pure charcoal; that simplest of materials derived from very slowly burning the small, otherwise... Read more »

One that didn’t make it through the spring

After Frost It’s hard to tell what bird it isSinging in the misty wood,Or the reason for its songSo late after evening’s come. When all else has dropped its nameDown into the scented darkIts song grown cool and clear saysNothing much to anyone. Yet it catches hold a whisper in my brainThat only now is... Read more »

The calm exile of work

A drawing begun on Ash Wednesday.  Day 7. Medium – charcoal.   Paper – Arches 350gsm HP.  Radio 4 and Birdsong

Ash Wednesday drawing

A drawing begun on Ash Wednesday.  Day 5. Medium – charcoal.   Paper – Arches 350gsm HP.  Music – Chopin Nocturne no. 2 in D flat major. Op 27

test post ll

Drypoint of a dragonfly – always reminds me of the Peter Green song…”but was the garden worthy of so fine a guest?”