The finished print

“These things come unbidden”
The finished print from my earlier post – Printmaking at  John Howards’ studio.

I found this Hare at the side of the road, very early one morning in March.  Eye-bright and leaping but stone-dead.

Taking her carefully home, I drew for days, strangely compelled to sit with her and try, despite knowing nothing of it, to honour something of her short, wild, life in the fields.

Despite my best efforts I think I have failed to capture either the peculiarly golden quality of her presence, or the terrible sadness of her road-kill end.   However, I was taken aback at how strong was the need to try, and, in the end,  something else emerged…as is always the way.

Edition of 10 drypoint engravings (plus A/Ps).
23″ x 24″ on Arches Aquarelle 350gsm

(If you click on the Hare, as with all images in Postcards from the Studio, it will enlarge to show significantly more detail.)


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