To be a pilgrim

To be a pilgrim is to be connected.  We are all connected, we are all related, there is no I and the other, I am the other, the other is me – that is what makes me a pilgrim in life and a pilgrim of the Earth.  My pilgrimage is not going somewhere; my pilgrimage... Read more »

The finished print

“These things come unbidden”The finished print from my earlier post – Printmaking at  John Howards’ studio. I found this Hare at the side of the road, very early one morning in March.  Eye-bright and leaping but stone-dead. Taking her carefully home, I drew for days, strangely compelled to sit with her and try, despite knowing... Read more »

Printmaking at John Howard’s studio in Penryn

This week I’ve been printmaking at John Howard’s print studio in Penryn.  Love it as I do, I don’t really think I’m a proper printmaker.  For me it is just a wonderful extension of my drawing practice, so I tend to stick to the labour intensive but direct methods of dry-point engraving and mezzotint, relishing the chance... Read more »