Open Studio

As part of my ongoing involvement with the local habitat/conservation group, myself and Frances Gynn will be opening our studios for two days in August. Much of the profits from these days will go to support phase 2 of what is proving to be a very successful Water Vole reintroduction the river Gara here in Devon.

Water Voles have been in decline for years from the compounding effects of habitat loss and degradation, population fragmentation and predation by feral American Mink.

The Water Vole was formerly common along the banks of rivers, streams, canals, dykes, lakes and ponds throughout mainland Britain.  Think ‘Ratty’ from Wind in the Willows.  They live on lush riparian vegetation and are a hugely important food source for Barn Owls.

Watch this space and local press for details of this double open studios nearer the time, but for now…save the date.  I will have numerous books, cards and catalogues for sale at bargain prices alongside older prints.  Plus, on Saturday afternoon I will be printing a special Water Vole mezzotint in a limited edition with the entire proceeds going to the campaign.



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