Corona virus update

Bugs beauty & danger at GROUNDWORK Gallery in Kings Lynn is closed while the general lockdown continues.  Gallery director, Veronica Sekules intends to extend the show until early September in the hope that there may at least be some weeks in the summer when this very special group exhibition can be opened to visitors.

Moth – a solo exhibition of all the moth mezzotints at GREENHILL ARTS  on Dartmoor has been cancelled as the gallery has closed for the safety of all the community.  It is hoped that the exhibition can be rescheduled for this time next year.

While it is intensely disappointing to have to cancel these two shows, I feel strangely calm.  Everyone (human) is in the same boat and the rest of nature is having a long overdue sabbath from our incessant speed and noise. Moths themselves are well used to being unseen, to darkness, to long months of dormancy; buried, hiding, alone , patiently waiting for the time when they can unfurl themselves and take to the air.



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