On drawing.

It has been two years this month since I picked up a paint brush.   For two years or more before that I had been finding oil painting increasingly confusing.   Nothing pleased me.  At times the multiplicity of choices – brush, colour, tone, surface, subject and so on – had, without exaggeration, begun to make... Read more »


This week I’ve been posting out catalogues for my forthcoming show at Beaux Arts Bath.  It’s been a pleasure packing them up and sending them out to friends and clients, old and new – not least because the essay by Rev. Richard Davey is so sensitive and well written.  He seems to understand and articulate... Read more »


Charcoal and sepia ink on 650gsm Arches paper.  103cm X 153cm I’ve been working on this drawing all summer and now it is finally finished and off to the framers ready for the Beaux Arts show in October. The first spark of inspiration for the piece came from a walk down to Frenchman’s creek with... Read more »


                                                                                                             ... Read more »

When we step outside…

“When we step outside and look up, we’re not little cogs in the capitalist machine.  It’s the simplest act of resistance and renewal.” Kathleen JamieGaurdian Review April 7th 2012 Kathleen Jamie’s  words are deceptively simple.  They may even seem naive.  But stay with them, act on them – they do subtle work.  They have stayed... Read more »