To be a pilgrim

To be a pilgrim is to be connected.  We are all connected, we are all related, there is no I and the other, I am the other, the other is me – that is what makes me a pilgrim in life and a pilgrim of the Earth.  My pilgrimage is not going somewhere; my pilgrimage... Read more »

Thinking of the darkness to follow

For just a very few days a year, a cherry tree flowers in Halwell churchyard. The ground between the graves is a tapestry of primroses, celandine, violets, cowslips, ground ivy and daisies – a sight magical enough – but the huge flowering tree with its chaos of bee-filled, pink and white petals, is something else... Read more »

Paper love

Here’s a nice story of social media meeting the world of the hand-made…. I’m always on the look out for nice paper and take a good deal of trouble to always choose and use the right paper – the right colour, the right weight, and almost above all the right surface, (Hot Press, Not or... Read more »

First bees are humming in the garden this week –  but news today of research from Stirling university into the devastating effect of one particular group of commonly used pesticides on the queens in particular, makes each one feel especially precious as it bumbles around in the delicate pink froth of the short-lived cherry blossom. Bizarrely I... Read more »