At home in the studio in about 2022

The large copper plate for 'A Lament for the Bordered Gothic' mezzotint, all inked and wiped, ready for the press. The print has since been acquired by the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, adding to the museum's fabulous collection of mezzotints that include many Constable/Lucas gems from the English Countryside series.

'A Lament for the Bordered Gothic' on the Little John press at home.

Wiping a mezzotint plate. This one is 'Sempiternal', engraved during the first lockdown in 2020.

Work on the wing of 'Peppered Moth'. This large mezzotint is now sold out and has been exhibited all over the world. The moth itself still turns up in the garden and is always a joy to find.

Work on 'Coot'. Another very large mezzotint - at 24" x 36" it is the same size as the Peppered Moth in the previous slide.

This tiny 'eye' was commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery for their re-opening in June 2023. Both plate and print are on permanent display in Gallery 12

Proofing two Tiger mezzotints. Jersey Tiger and Garden Tiger respectively. One in the ascendent and the other in steep decline. In this case, I went for a 'full bleed' print as the formality of the plate edge seemed somehow to detract from the wildness of the subject.

An old one - from the about 2017 when I was deep in a series of large drawings

Studio wall with Elm twigs

Wiping another large plate, this time at Ink on Paper Press, as the plates have just got too big for the Little John in the studio at home