Settling the mind

After the excitement and exposure of an exhibition, it always takes some time and  solitude to settle the mind and heart back down to work. The energetic period immediately before a show is all deadlines, printers, finishing, perfecting, and then reaching out and making a lot of noise – ‘look at me! look at my... Read more »


Nothing is ever quite as perfect as it can seem at first glance.Although the latin name for Dragonflies is Odonata  their infraorder is Anisoptera which comes from the Greek meaning ‘uneven wings’. This is my second attempt at a dry-point of the same dragonfly. What attracts me most of all is indeed the play of... Read more »

test post ll

Drypoint of a dragonfly – always reminds me of the Peter Green song…”but was the garden worthy of so fine a guest?”