Podcast interview

Hannah Munby of the Fen Ditton Gallery in Cambridge recorded the following interview with me toward the end of a 6 month residency with the Cambridge Conservation Initiative, in 2022.  Dr John Fanshawe invited me to come to Cambridge to work in the David Attenborough building and at the University Museum of Zoology. The residency... Read more »


“…and in a moth’s life in the ditch’s low level sky by the glow of a flower in the clothes of a messenger maybe this wish whatever it is will simplify.” Alice Oswald  ~   In the two years since my last blog post I have had the enormous privilege of working with four seriously... Read more »

La manière noire

This is to be the year I learn la manière noire – the dark method. There is something rather magical about mezzotints.  I’ve noticed when printing them in the workshop that it is never long before some curious soul is drawn to look over my shoulder  and enquire, “what on earth is that?“  They are simply unlike anything... Read more »

Three more moths

March Moth, (left,)  December Moth, (right,) and Winter Moth, (below.) Three more moths from the ‘Seven Winter Moths’ suite of drawings.  All are 12″ x 8″ in charcoal, inks, pigment and watercolour on Aquari hand-made paper. Click on any image to enlarge for more clarity. If you have enjoyed looking at this blog, please consider... Read more »

Nothing Lasts

Nothing Lasts. Nothing is so delicate or so finely hinged as the wingsof the green mothagainst the lanternagainst its heatagainst the beak of the crowin the early morning. Yet the moth has trim, and feistiness, and not a dropof self-pity. Not in this world Mary Oliver(Proof of Magpie Moth etching on studio wall –  etching... Read more »